How we work at PayPay India

Our goal is to create the industry's best FinTech service

PayPay India is a horizontal expansion of PayPay Product Team. We are able to work in a fast paced startup environment, while developing large scale services using by millions of users in Japan. Building up things from scratch together, people are free to propose ideas and everyone respects each others' opinions. We are a small team, but feel like a big family!

Voice of PayPay India Employee

Voice of PayPay India Employee - 01

PayPay India Engineering Manager Kanav
PayPay India Engineering Manager Kanav

The best environment for creating something
from scratch as an initial member

I have been with PayPay India for about two months now and I am filled with excitement each day. Maybe it sounds child-like, but every day when I leave my house, I find myself wondering, “What will happen today?” We are still a small team, so we have lots of work to do, and right now we are focusing on building processes. Not just development processes, but also processes we will use as an organization, and testing and review processes so that we can build high-quality products in a short space of time.
We also need to collaborate with the Product Team in Japan, but as PayPay has adopted a remote work corporate culture, engineers in Japan are also telecommuting, which means it is easier to get in contact. I feel like we are working as one engineering team without noticing the distance of being in two countries. It is also reassuring to have the support of members from PayPay seconded to India long-term to help us.
On all our different channels of communication, including Slack, we can communicate in both English and Japanese, so I do not feel the language barrier in my work.

Voice of PayPay India Employee - 02

PayPay India Backend Engineer Eklavya
PayPay India Backend Engineer Eklavya

Communication as equals, cooperation as culture

We are on equal footing with each other, without much concern for hierarchy. It’s an environment of mutual understanding, in which we can talk about anything and everything and freely propose ideas.
Currently everyone comes to the office, and it’s nice to be able to freely communicate without having to block out schedules. We finish code reviews quite quickly, and if a need for discussion comes up, we can just gather in front of the whiteboard for a quick session. Working from home has its advantages, but when working with new colleagues, being together on-site makes it easy to absorb lots of new information in a short time.
A quick demonstration session.
We also hold fun events together such as group lunches, festival events and birthday parties! Just recently, we held a farewell party for a member who had come from Japan to work with us. Spending time together beyond work has helped us strengthen camaraderie among the team members, thus adding to the great work ethos.
At PayPay India, both internal communication in India and external communication with the Japanese Development team has been seamless. With quick response time and cooperative attitudes, slack conversations have always been a smooth ride. The time difference of just 3.5 hours has never been a hindrance and team members in Japan have always been considerate of our working hours.

Voice of PayPay India Employee - 03

PayPay India Backend Engineer Tarun
PayPay India Backend Engineer Tarun

Respective, supportive teammates who like to have fun

Since I work in an office, I can communicate quickly and have casual conversations, which I think contributes to the cohesiveness of the group. During our first project, we would do a demo every Friday, and if the demo went well, we would all buy snacks and have a tea break to pat ourselves on the back. We all face challenges at work together, support each other a lot, celebrate together, and take short breaks if we ever feel overwhelmed. These moments have helped us grow into a family.
We also hold many other events, such as birthday parties and farewell parties for members who come from Japan. The cultural exchange between India and Japan also makes PayPay India special.
All members here are energetic and eager to contribute. Some of our members have experience with digital payments, so they can provide valuable insights. We all want to make PayPay’s products better and are trying to give our best performance to do so. The office is filled with very good energy.

Voice of PayPay India Employee - 04

PayPay India Backend Engineer Deepika
PayPay India Backend Engineer Deepika

The balance between large service infrastructure and a startup culture

Previously, I was working for a tech giant, but I was motivated to change my company because I wanted to try my hand in the fintech industry, which I already had an interest in. I had also just started off my career, so I put a lot of importance on finding an environment where I can continue to grow, such as what you get at a startup. At this time, I heard about PayPay from a friend that is working at Paytm.
Firstly, there is the startup-esque nature of the company where you can create a product from scratch, and you’re able to really experience growth, which are major positives. At the same time, I don’t have to be concerned about uncertainty associated with startups. We have a large-scale service platform, so it allows me to strike a nice balance between working on challenges with peace of mind while also learning about what already exists in the service.
It is also beneficial that I can do my job while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our manager makes sure that we don’t work excessive overtime and are not put under too much pressure. The transparent culture means that if the situation changes, or if I am not sure on what next steps to take, I can talk to my manager straight away, enabling me to keep taking on challenges in a healthy way.

Voice of PayPay India Employee - 05

PayPay India QA Engineer Rahul Kumar
PayPay India QA Engineer Rahul Kumar

Crossing borders, cooperation, and resolute teamwork to ensure we continue to get to our destination in the fastest way possible

we synch up very well on a daily basis and have understanding of each other’s projects and how they are going, and we can talk to each other whenever necessary. ‍We have a positive culture of lifting each other up.
The core philosophy of the PayPay India team is that we are an extension, not a subordinate division under the Japan Product Team, and this is clear in our minds and is one of the factors that shapes the culture of this team. While we make sure we are thoroughly aligned with the Japan Product Team, that is not to say we ‍always follow what they do; rather we feel as though our performance directly contributes to PayPay’s growth.
PayPay India is a fantastic workplace for those eager to work together with experts. The culture of the members who work here is fantastic, and working here doesn’t just contribute towards your personal growth, but also the growth of your specialist career.