5 senses


The company is now home to a very diverse team of members from more than 50 countries. Although the number of employees already exceeds several thousand, the company is still in its growth phase and "unfinished". We grew to a team of several thousand employees but are far from over. We are still in the making. Every day, new members join us from all over the world to create new value and deliver it to society.

5 senses

Our organizational culture
that creates a future beyond
What we value
about our work.

  • 01

    Believes in our

    Enjoy growing together, believing in the product, our teams and that we will be the No.1 FinTech company in the world.

  • 02

    SPEED is our bet
    on the market

    Contribute to our users and the company by achieving results at an amazing speed.

  • 03

    Ego is not welcome,
    Communication is necessary

    Value communications and respect diversity of our colleagues. Work together and tackle tasks as one.

  • 04

    Be Sincere To be Professional

    Be sincere and work as a professional without making any compromise. Create new opportunities and values. See it through to the end.

  • 05

    Work for LIFE, or Work for Rice- What is your real purpose? -

    Don’t forget the Day1 mindset. Take action, looking for essential objectives and values. Try to take risks again and again and never stop challenging.

What is
5 senses?

This is our culture and what we value in our work.

We are always on the lookout for professionals who share these values and deliver unparalleled performance.

Five years after its launch, which was initially just a payment app, now has over 62 million users in Japan (as of February 2024) and has changed the meaning of cash, the flow of money and the attitudes of many people who deal with it.

And although We started from scratch in terms of "people" and "services", it has now grown into a company and organization of several thousand people, welcoming hundreds of new members every year from all over the world.

On the other hand, we believe that nether our services nor our organization are
‘finished’ but always evolving.
We constantly ask ourselves:
“How can we add more value to our users?”
“How can we stand out from the competition and not just be any other big organization?”
“We only live once. Why don’t we aim to be the best in our field not only domestically but worldwide?”

We think seriously with our colleagues about how to realize these ideas and create them at an unparalleled speed. We never stop thinking and always remembering to be a challenger.

This is the type of company we are.

Perhaps working at our company is harder than you initial thought.

You are always expected to deliver results as a professional. The way you work is flexible and you have discretion, but with ‘freedom’ comes ‘responsibility’.

Work will always attract those who lead with a sense of ownership.

A passive attitude of just waiting for instructions from the boss may not work.

You are treated as an individual professional. You cannot blame others for anything. A career is not something that a company can give you if you wait for it, you have to create it through your own actions and results.

The image that "Our company is a big company with thousands of employees and a service that many people know about, so it seems like a stable place to work" is wrong.

We believe that stability means constant change and innovation.

However, if you are determined and passionate about creating such an 'unfinished' organization and service together, our company could be the opportunity and place for you to gain great experience and make lifelong colleagues for your career.

5 senses be with you,