Cookie Policy

Our Company utilises technologies of cookies etc. in order that the customers using Our Company’s website or applications can enjoy Our Company’s services more conveniently and pleasantly.


Cookies are small data (text files) which a browser is requested to store on user’s devices in order to remember user’s information such as a language preference and login information when a user visits a website. These cookies are set by Our Company and are called first-party cookies. In addition, Our Website uses third-party cookies (cookies set by different domains from a domain of the website which the customer is visiting) in order to make advertising or marketing activities. Specifically, Our Company uses cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes. Further, cookies information may be shared with outside partners for the purposes of advertising and data analysis, and may be used in combination with information independently collected by outside partners. With a view to respecting customers’ right to privacy, customers can choose not to accept some kinds of cookies. However, such customer’s website experience and the services provided by Our Company might be affected if some kinds of cookies are blocked.

Advertising identifiers

Advertising identifiers are information which enable mobile information devices such as smartphone to be identified for the purpose of advertising, and any personal identifiable information is not contained within advertising identifiers themselves. Customers can reset advertising identifiers by device configurations. Our Company obtains “Identification For Advertisers (IDFA)” provided by Apple Inc. for iOS and “Google Advertising ID (ADID)” provided by Google LLC for Android OS, and utilise them (including sharing them with outside partners). If you want us to stop advertising by using such advertising identifier, please configure your devices by accessing the following:


Android (ADID)

Google Analytics

Our Company utilises Google Analytics provided by Google LLC in order to analyse and improve website. Our Company will grasp and analyse the usage of our website by utilising Google Analytics. Please refer to the following for the collecting method and usage of access information conducted by

Google LLC.Google Analytics Terms of Service

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